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Chop n´Roll offers high quality Table Tennis Camps.

A opportunity to train with top level coaches and to meet new friends.

For all players despite their skill level.

There is always room for improvement in the sport of Table Tennis.



Chop n´Roll News

2018-04-23: Training camp 13/5-2018 in Dunrosshallen with Marcus Johansson and Linus Stromberg.

2017-10-03: New training camp 2/12-2017 in ex-huset with Marcus Johansson.

2017-05-22: Chop n´Roll starts to sell der materialspezialist.

2017-05-17: New training camp 17/6-2017 in ex-huset with Hans Thalin.

2017-03-09: Chop n´Roll shows TIBHAR products at Stenungsunds BTF.

2017-02-27: Chop n´Roll shows TIBHAR products at IF Ifo.

2016-12-13: Chop n´Roll signs deal with TIBHAR.

2016-11-30: Ulf "Tickan" Carlsson will be head coach at the training camp 8/4-2017 in ex-huset.

2016-11-29: New training camp 8/4-2017 in ex-huset.

2016-11-28: It is now possible to pay with Friskvårdskuponger.

2016-10-07: New training camp 19/11-2016 in ex-huset with Thorsten Hævdholm and Rickard Borre.

2015-12-21: Chop n´Roll purchases Amicus Professional table tennis robot.

2015-12-16: Tylö is announced as partner.

2015-12-11: New training camp 16/4-2016 in Dunrosshallen with Hans Thalin.

2015-12-11: New training camp 20/2-2016 in ex-huset with Pelle Jarlebrand and Stefan Nilsson.

2015-10-21: Alerydh Bygg Vaxholm is announced as partner.

2015-09-12: Successful training with Hans Thalin.

2015-03-14: Stefan Nilsson is a new Chop n´Roll coach.

2015-01-16: New training camp 11/4-2015.

2014-12-05: OkiDoki!Arkitekter is announced as partner.

2014-12-01: Olympic and European gold medalist Anna-Carin Ahlquist is going

to participate in the camp 3/1-2015.

2014-11-26: Perpetum Biluthyrning AB is announced as partner.

2014-11-25: Willa Nordic is announced as partner

2014-11-18: The new plastic ball from Xushafao will be used during the camp.

2014-10-29: Adidas is announced as partner.

2014-10-25: Arkitektrådet is announced as partner.