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Chop n´Roll aim to deliver excellence in execution for every product and service.

Chop n´Roll represent our partners in a professional way.

Every person or company that contacts Chop n´Roll is important and is treated with respect.

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Per Andersson, Member of the Board

Mr Andersson has a degree in mechanical engineering and has over 10 years of experience from the automotive industry. He has been playing table tennis for more than eight years.

Peo Oskarsson, Member of the Board

Mr Oskarsson has a degree in architecture and have been CEO in his own company Arkitektrådet AB since 1984. He has played table tennis when he was young and have now started up again as a veteran.

Chop n´Roll

Kapellgatan 12,

41133 Gothenburg, Sweden

Tel: 031 80 29 00